Advantages of a Screened Porch Constructed by Handyman Services

Homeowners wanting to add some outdoor living space to their property might wonder whether a deck or a screened-in porch would be best. The screened-in porch usually is smaller than a deck, but it has the advantage of more effectively extending the indoor living space outdoors.

This porch has a roof, which provides significant protection from rain and hot sunshine. Although porches typically are built on the front of houses, they can be constructed on any side of the building. Contractors providing skilled handyman services are qualified to complete this project.


Because the structure will have a roof, a building permit is required. The handyman can obtain the permit for the client. Typically, the porch roof is attached to the home’s roof with posts and a beam, and rafters connect the new structure to the house.

Extending the Dining Space

The homeowners might want to have the porch situated next to the kitchen so it’s easy to eat meals there. The space then functions as an additional dining room. The porch is also an ideal place to set up a serving table when having guests over for a special event. Not every house has plenty of space to set up a buffet area, but the screened porch works very well.

The food to be kept warm might be placed in roasters and slow cookers in the kitchen. However, if the handyman has added outlets to the porch, these devices can be plugged in there.

A Place for Relaxation

The screened-in porch is an enjoyable place to relax after a busy day at work. Whether the owners like to have a soft drink or an adult beverage, they can spend an hour doing nothing at all before starting dinner or other evening activities. If children live in the household, they have time to play on the porch after school.

No Bugs

In addition to having some shelter from uncooperative weather, the household residents will appreciate not having to deal with bugs while in the porch. This is a highly effective way to block mosquitoes that can be aggravating little pests when people are trying to sit outside. The screens also block stinging insects like hornets that tend to hang around frequently in late summer.

Increased Satisfaction

After the handyman’s work is completed, the clients enjoy improved satisfaction with their home. They appreciate the extra living space and the ability to comfortably sit outside even when light rain is falling.

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