How to Interpret the Basquiat Crown

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a unique artist of the 1980s and rose to fame quickly, setting the art world on fire. Many people continue to wonder about the Basquiat crown and why it is so heavily featured in many of his works. Because he is no longer with us, there is no way to ask him about the significance. Fans continue to come up with their own theories, with some proving more intriguing than others.

Possible Meanings Behind Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Crown

Basquiat was one of the most fascinating artists of his time. Unfortunately, his life was cut way too short, and art lovers can no longer enjoy new pieces. The following are some of the crown theories that have been floating around over the years. Which one seems most credible? Those who want to learn more should click through.

He Considered Himself a King

Many fans believe Jean-Michel viewed himself as a king among men. He set his artistic sights so high that he felt invincible. He is a talent that stood out from ordinary men, which is why many people believe the crown became a signature of sorts for him to consider himself royalty.

Basquiat's Crown

The Artist Also Associated Himself with Kings

Other people believe the crown was meant to give props to those people Jean-Michel Basquiat looked up to in his short life. It is these kings, perhaps, that the artist gave homage to with his iconic crown. Although the world will never know the true meaning behind his crown obsession, this reason is plausible, and many people believe it to this day. Fans who are interested can get more info here.

Could It Be the Artist’s Ambition?

Anyone who knows anything about Jean-Michel Basquiat knows he was a force to be reckoned with in the art world. His subject matter, use of color, and ability to evoke a range of emotions placed him as a top modern artist.

Jean-Michel pushed himself to succeed. He wanted to rise above his upbringing and set the world on fire with his art. Many believe the crown is representative of his artistic aspirations. Unfortunately, like a shooting star, he fell too quickly.

Learn More About This Artist

Jean-Michel Basquiat was an artist ahead of his time. He is often compared to Picasso. Many people believe his Red Kings painting shows him on one side and Picasso on the other. This painting was his way of honoring an artistic icon of the past. Keep researching to find out more about this artist.

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