The Importance of Hiring Specialists to Build Pole Barns in Kansas

Pole barns are all the rage these days, not just in Kansas but across the country. Most building contractors understand the basics of the post-and-beam construction method used to erect them, but that doesn’t mean landowners can trust just anyone with building their pole sheds. Instead, read on to find out why it’s so important to hire a specialized builder.

Complete Understanding of Construction Methods

Most contractors build stick-framed houses, sheds, and garages. These buildings feature weight-bearing walls with close-together studs. Pole barns, on the other hand, feature large posts spaced much further apart, and it’s these posts that support the weight of the roof.

Pole Barns in Kansas

At first, it might seem like these are minor differences. However, they impact everything from design considerations to site preparation and even how the building gets erected. Good pole shed contractors can keep expenses to a minimum by employing their in-depth knowledge of the specialized construction methods used to complete these projects.

Industry Connections

Experienced pole shed builders have connections with others in the industry who can do things like perform the basic site prep required to erect a pole barn, supply affordable materials at a discount, or partially assemble components off-site in specialized factories. Regular contractors may be able to figure out how to use post-and-beam construction methods by themselves, but they won’t have the connections in place to get more affordable pricing on materials, nor will they have reliable laborers skilled in this specialized construction method available.

Construction Speed

Pole barns have a reputation for going up faster than standard buildings, but that’s only the case if all of the pieces fit together from the beginning. A standard contractor might not realize, for example, that pole barns of all sizes can be built on shallow foundations, which could add both expense and time to the project.

They won’t be able to have parts of the shed assembled off-site, which means more on-site labor and a longer project timeline. Plus, if anything comes up, it will take a general contractor longer to resolve the issue than a specialized pole barn company.

Rely on Experts for a Streamlined Build

The best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly when erecting pole barns in Kansas is to work with a company that specializes exclusively in this unique type of construction. When interviewing contractors, be sure to ask about experience, certifications, and what kinds of materials they use. The answers that contractors give can go a long way toward proving their competence or indicating that landowners would be better off looking elsewhere for help.

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