How to Choose a Dentist Office Near Me

Choosing a new dentist is an important healthcare decision, so patients shouldn’t just pick whoever comes first in a search for a dentist office near me. It’s worth taking the time to carefully consider who to trust with the family’s dental health. Read on to find out how to get started.

Step One: Request Referrals

The first step is to compile a list of potential candidates, which requires getting recommendations from family, friends, and other healthcare providers. It’s also fine to head online and check forums, directories, and third-party review sites. Leave any Idaho Falls dentist located too far from home off the list, as even the best dentist won’t be a good fit if the office is an hour’s drive away.


Step Two: Research Credentials

All dentists need to be board certified. This credential indicates that the dentist has all the necessary training, experience, and skills to provide general dentistry services. It’s also worth taking the time to make sure the clinic doesn’t have a history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims.

Step Three: Ask About Insurance

Asking whether the office takes the patient’s dental insurance is a great way to quickly narrow down the list of potential candidates. Every office will be different, but information about accepted insurance policies can usually be found on dentists’ websites.

Step Four: Consider Available Services

It’s always best to work with a dentist that offers a full range of services, including everything from general dentistry to cosmetic procedures. Parents should also confirm that they will be visiting family dentists capable of treating patients of all ages. People with dental anxiety should ask about sedation dentistry.

Step Five: Evaluate Communication Style

To get the best care, patients need to be comfortable with their dentists. With the best dentist Idaho Falls, patients can expect clear, detailed answers to their questions that don’t feel rushed, but it can be difficult to determine communication styles prior to the first visit. Read through some reviews and pay attention to how respectful and responsive the staff is when calling to schedule an appointment.

Step Six: Schedule an Appointment

After narrowing down the list, it’s time to schedule an initial exam. Choose the most promising dental office and schedule a new patient exam. If everything goes well, stay on with the dentist, and if it doesn’t, move on to the next office on the list.

It’s Worth the Effort

It’s worth taking the time and putting in the effort to find an exceptional family dentist. Having a good dentist can save a lot of trouble later and will always lead to better dental health outcomes than picking a dentist at random.

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