Improve Your Manufacturing Workplace With an Automated Machine Safety Door

Workplace safety is an important issue that has too long been neglected. Now, workers are demanding better safety or they are quitting their jobs and seeking better ones. To retain workers and to save money on employee injury claims, it is time to install some safety measures. Automated machine safety doors increase productivity as well as adding a measure of safety. It is important to protect employees from manufacturing hazards.

Improving Workplace Safety

Anyone owning a manufacturing facility or an assembly plant should seek the services of a safety consultant who is familiar with the latest government safety guidelines and regulations. Safety is a two-sided coin with meeting regulations on one side and improving employee safety on the other. Improving workplace safety will lead to better employee retention and happier workers at every level. No one wants to work in a dangerous environment where a lack of safety features can lead to sudden injury and loss of work.

Automated Machine Door

The Automated Machine Safety Door is one way to add safety in the workplace. Some applications include:

  1. Automotive plants and laser welding areas
  2. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  3. Lead battery assembly
  4. Robotic welding in the automotive industry
  5. Waste disposal and material handling
  6. Automated warehouse solutions with end-of-line palletizing

Manufacturing areas with dangerous chemicals, laser lights, or the possibility of dangerous dust, liquids, or debris flying out. Areas where weld smoke, sparks, dangerous mist, or intense flash may be an issue.

Advantages of Adding Safety Doors

An Automated Machine Door, if well-designed, has the advantages of being easy to install, simple to operate, accessible, and being adaptable. These doors can be attractive and reliable, increasing worker safety and reducing waste.

The Gortite Machine Safety Door is designed to add safety and convenience to a manufacturing building. These aluminum roll-up doors protect equipment compartments while providing convenient access. They can be used on delivery trucks, cargo vans, emergency vehicles, fire trucks, storefronts, retail kiosks, and in factories to isolate and protect dangerous machinery.

Automatic Roll Up Doors must be light and easy to operate at the same time they keep workers safe. Roll-up doors can be safer and take up less space than swing-out doors. These doors cause less damage than swing-out doors. They can be installed in a small rolled-up space, using a minimum of overhead space. Roll-up doors can be used on larger opening heights. Finally, roll-up safety doors can be operated by hand or can be automated.

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