Learn More About High-Pressure Mist Systems and Their Benefits

Spending time outdoors is good for your health. However, getting overheated can make a person ill. There are numerous ways to stay cool, and one method is frequently overlooked but shouldn’t be. Call a professional irrigation installation provider to learn more about high-pressure mist systems and how to go about getting one. What benefits come with this type of system? Why should every person consider having one on their property?

Cool the Environment

A phoenix mist installation cools the area in less time. This system produces smaller water particulates than low and mid-pressure mist systems. As a result, the water evaporates faster allowing the air to cool more rapidly. This mist significantly reduces the air temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. People can sit outdoors longer without getting overheated and enjoy the beauty of the area. People often assume the mist will get them wet, but the rapid evaporation ensures they do not.

Custom Design

With the help of scottsdale high pressure mist experts, you can design a system that meets your needs perfectly. No two properties are alike, so a system that is ideal for a neighbor might not be right for your home. Professional installers recognize this and take many factors into account when designing the system to ensure it meets expectations. For example, the mister needs to be at a certain high for the optimal level of cooling. The installer takes this into account and determines where to place the system and what configuration is needed for the highest level of cooling.

Optimal Pressure

One reason installers typically recommend a high-pressure mist system is the system will not lose pressure as the water is distributed. The water remains consistent no matter how far down the line it travels. Low and mid-pressure systems are restricted in terms of design options. Over 25 nozzles in a system will lead to the loss of the uniform spray. In addition, the spray won’t remain uniform in a low or mid-pressure system if there is a hard 90-degree turn anywhere in the line.

Add value to the home with the help of professional high pressure mist installation. This installation allows you to spend more time outdoors. Entertain family and friends with ease or extend the home’s living space. People and pets alike will enjoy this installation, so learn more today about these misters and why every home or business should have one.

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