What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases involve physical or emotional damage caused by another party. Slips and falls, animal attacks, automobile accidents, wrongful deaths, and medical malpractice are examples of personal injury cases. Anyone who has suffered physical or emotional harm from an accident should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. Keep reading for things to look for before hiring an attorney.

Understanding of the Law

An excellent personal injury attorney, like those at Samer Habbas & Assocaites, will be well-versed in tort law and usually focuses on a particular type of accident or injury. They should stay up to date on legal precedents and changes to statutes. They should be able to clearly explain how the law applies in the client’s case given the evidence and facts. An excellent attorney will be well-recognized and well-respected in the personal injury community.

Understand Medical Concepts

Personal injury lawyers must have an understanding of medical issues and the jargon related to injuries. While they cannot give official medical advice, attorneys should be able to talk about the diagnosis and prognosis of common injuries. They may be able to refer clients to a reputable healthcare provider.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Experiences with Personal Injury Cases

The best personal injury attorney to hire has taken many cases to trial. Attorneys without trial experience may want to make a settlement without considering other options. Insurance companies know the difference between experienced and inexperienced attorneys and will take advantage of inexperienced ones. While attorneys do not need to have a lifetime of experience, they should be able to show they have successfully litigated cases similar to the client’s case.

Ability to Negotiate

A great personal injury lawyer will have strong negotiation and courtroom skills. Because there may be the chance that a case will go to trial, an attorney should be prepared. They should be able to create a narrative that will persuade a judge and jury to rule in their client’s favor. They will seek justice for their client, not just payment.

Contingency Fees

Many attorneys provide a free initial consultation. They are willing to listen to the details of a case before a client needs to sign anything. A contingency fee agreement states that the attorney will only get paid if they win the case. Typically, this percentage is between 25-40%. If it is a risky case, the contingency fee will be higher since the attorney may put a lot of time into the case and not get anything back.

Honest and Dedicated

An excellent attorney will treat the client’s pain and suffering seriously and will be committed to helping them gain adequate compensation. They should not pressure clients to do anything they are not comfortable with. Lawyers must be honest about all aspects of a case. They should be able to tell their client the realistic chance of winning. Honestly it is essential when looking for a personal injury lawyer.

Finding an excellent personal injury lawyer can help a client get the maximum compensation in their case. Many attorneys are looking for work, but do some homework before choosing one.

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