Looking at Common Sources of Joint Pain

Backs, hips, knees, and ankles take on a great deal of stress over time. In fact, an estimated 65 million people in America report having backaches from time to time. Another 16 million suffer from chronic back pain. Furthermore, half of Americans say they experience frequent or ongoing hip and knee pain. Around 15 percent of people live with ankle issues. Sometimes, pain in one of those areas is related to problems in others.

Joint Pain

Where Joint Trouble Comes from

Joint pain, weakness, stiffness, and other problems come from numerous sources. In many cases, it’s a simple matter of overexertion. People who are on their feet all the time experience pain and additional issues with their feet and ankles, knees and hips, and backs quite frequently. This is also a common situation with runners, athletes, and people who walk for exercise or out of necessity.

At the same time, quite a few people live with pain due to past injuries. Torn menisci, damaged tendons and ligaments, fractures, and a long list of other injuries can bring about pain. Sometimes, it’s temporary. Other times, it becomes an ongoing problem that greatly inhibits mobility and quality of life. In many of those situations, Mueller braces and supports may help remedy the issue.

How Can Braces Help?

Braces and support sleeves help resolve pain and other issues from a few angles. On one hand, they can limit movement in the affected joints to allow more effective healing. They can aid in preventing further injury as well. If a component of a joint is already damaged, excessive movement exacerbates the injury. Keeping that joint from moving more than necessary is an effective way to avoid additional damage.

Braces may also help to reduce swelling and inflammation in an injured joint. Inflammation is a common underlying cause of pain. Therefore, eliminating inflammation drastically reduces the amount of pain a person is experiencing. Some Mueller braces and supports also help to take extra weight off of an injured joint. That further promotes healing and provides pain relief.

Combating Pain with the Right Tools

Joint pain can be caused by overuse, injuries, medical conditions, and other issues. Treating the cause of the pain is the key to eliminating it. Numerous treatments are available at this point with braces and support sleeves being vital tools. While additional measures may be necessary to treat joint pain and foster healing, braces and similar solutions can be important components of the process and help to prevent additional injuries.

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